Public Safety Solutions

The HxGN OnCall portfolio helps portfolio helps public safety agencies of all sizes be more agile and resilient through modernized capabilities spanning call-taking and dispatch, records, analytics, major event management, and mobility.

Deployed on-premises or in the cloud, HxGN OnCall helps organizations make more informed decisions; easily connect devices, systems, and people; and harness next-generation technology to better meet future challenges. With streamlined workflows and an enhanced user experience, agencies can increase flexibility, deliver the right tools and information, and adapt more quickly and easily to changing needs and technology.

Accessed via browsers and mobile apps, HxGN OnCall products are easily configurable, allowing agencies to adapt Hexagon’s core software to meet their unique needs.

OnCall Dispatch

Agile next-gen call-taking and computer-aided dispatch (CAD) capabilities that link callers, dispatchers, managers, and field officers for faster, more effective response. The OnCall Dispatch suite provides police, fire, EMS, and communication agencies with quality incident management and call-taking capabilities to deliver better service during emergencies and major events.

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OnCall Field Mobility

Improve the safety, performance, and productivity of field personnel with HxGN OnCall’s field mobility solutions comprised of simple-to-deploy apps for emergency responders and law enforcement. By connecting the field with dispatch and records capabilities and information, public safety agencies can enhance awareness, communication, and coordination and create accurate reports faster.

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OnCall Planning & Response

HxGN OnCall Planning & Response is a web application for managing major incidents and events. The product suite integrates and coordinates resources, procedures, and communications for individual agencies or across jurisdictions and tiers of command and provides a single, unified solution for all needs and stages of operation.

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OnCall Analytics

Turn knowledge into action. HxGN OnCall Analytics helps public safety agencies overcome the challenges of raw, fragmented, incomplete, or incorrect data by transforming it into valuable reports. With it, agencies can see their data in new ways to better assess performance, allocate resources, and improve operations.

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OnCall Records

HxGN OnCall Records is a cloud-deployable records management system (RMS) that serves all facets of law enforcement operations and administration. Accessed via browsers and mobile apps, it provides reliable access to comprehensive information and tools whenever and wherever needed.

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