Smart & Safe Cities

What is a ‘Smart City’? There is not one definition that defines a Smart City. For many city leaders the term has become incremental for technology that makes cities work better or more efficiently.

According the United Nations, by 2030 about 60% of the worldwide population will live in urban areas, the demographic transition from rural areas to cities. Urbanisation means more centralised, socialised and efficient production and consumption, therefore integrated and complex urban management are required.

The reality is Smart Cities don’t just happen. Together with Hexagon (our technology provider), we believe cities must be shaped. Collection of data, technology and connected systems are crucial in shaping Smart Cities.

For us shaping Smart Cities rely on three core fundamentals – Digital, Safe and Connected!

  • DIGITAL first
    Smart cities need to see everything, everywhere, with the ability to extract insight and relevance with confidence and speed.
  • Always SAFE
    Cities need an integrated, coordinated approach to improving security, safety and quality of life.
  • Absolutely CONNECTED
    Cities need to bring simplicity to synchronicity, creating an autonomous system of systems and reach their full potential – digital, safe, connected, efficient, clean and thriving.

Safe Cities are crucial in shaping Smart Cities, and our Public Safety Solutions offer helps to overcome these challenges, providing connectivity between systems, collaboration between teams, greater intelligence in operations for more sustainable solutions and safety services.

All other technologies offered in our product section can be utilized in shaping Smart Cities – Process, Power & Marine, Geospatial, Utilities & Communications and ETAP solutions.