Utilities and Communications Solutions

Deliver authoritative data, optimize resources, enhance service delivery, and make more informed decisions. Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure helps utility and communications companies achieve greater reliability, enhance customer satisfaction, increase efficiency, and fulfill the expectations of their customers, shareholders and regulators. Today, we support hundreds of utility and communications customers around the world with solutions spanning network engineering, network operations, customer services, sales and marketing, and physical security.


Plan, design and document the network and apply information. Intergraph G/Technology enables operators to maintain a definitive source of reliable, location-based information describing their facility network and its connectivity and share with users and systems across their organization. It delivers records that are more accurate, consistent, and current by applying intelligent, rules-driven tools that streamline and enhance the processes for designing and documenting the network. It is able to assess, manage, and track the status of projects, equipment, and connections and coordinate with other business systems to manage the full engineering life cycle.

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G/Technology Fiber Optic Works

Intergraph G/Technology Fiber Optic Works is an advanced telecommunications GIS that provides location-based information and capabilities that enhance the complete life cycle of civil infrastructure and fiber network management – from design and construction through maintenance and operations. It supports geospatial infrastructure management needs throughout the enterprise, from back office to the field.

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Intergraph Networks

Intergraph NetWorks is a flexible software suite that provides secure, real-time access to location-based engineering and operational data and capabilities across the enterprise. By leveraging web services to simplify the development and maintenance of interfaces, integrations, and task-oriented portals and mobile applications, Intergraph Networks connects the enterprise to the Intergraph G/Technology network model, making it available and usable wherever needed.

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GTViewer is an Android and iOS app for disconnected field work with Intergraph G/Technology data. It supports field viewing, redlining, and simple feature collection. GTViewer provides a more portable, easier-to-use, and lower cost alternative to laptops for simple field workflows.

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G!NIUS is the innovative GIS solution for utilities and wastewater companies of all sizes. The pre-configured, ready-to-use standard solution can be installed either on a single standalone workstation or on a network of several hundred workstations. G!NIUS has been developed for utility companies of all sizes, from the smallest local organization to the largest national enterprise. The pre-configured, ready-touse standard solution is based on Intergraph‘s G/Technology. This powerful base technology is used by utilities and wastewater companies throughout the world and is under constant development and offers a secure, future-proof investment. G!NIUS incorporates the experience and requirements of more than 250 customers.

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Outage Management

Central to our capabilities for network operations is Intergraph InService, an integrated outage management and mobile workforce management solution that minimizes outage disruption by enabling earlier detection and faster restoration through enhanced situational awareness, automation, and efficient and highly effective use of field crews. InService delivers enhanced insight and streamlined operations by combining critical capabilities for network management (such as network monitoring, analysis, and operation) with those for outage management and mobile workforce management and coordinating with systems for customer communications and network engineering.

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